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Jing Chens figure was really impeccable.

No matter how many times she looked at him, she would not get tired of him.

However, although he was a familiar man, she was still quite embarrassed that she had not seen him for four years.

“I remember that someone said that they wanted to wait for me to sleep last night, but she was already asleep before I finished showering.” Jing Chen lifted the blanket and got into bed.

He pulled Su Wan into his arms and smelled the shower gel on her.

“I was indeed too tired last night.

Theres a time difference between home and abroad.

I have to slowly adjust!” Su Wan explained, although she didnt know why she was so tired last night.

“Then Ill forgive you, but you have to compensate me tonight.” Jing Chen buried his head in Su Wans neck, his voice muffled but clear, with a hint of pleading.


Su Wan thought that she hadnt done it last night, so she agreed.

But soon, she regretted it.

It had been four years since they last met.

Jing Chen turned around and engulfed her body like a hungry wolf.

She was tortured here and there.

She only knew that in the end, her entire body was sore and soft, as if her bones would fall apart if she moved them.

She lay on the bed like a pool of mud.

“Jing Chen, be gentle… Please, let me off.”

Su Wan was about to cry.

At first, she wanted to persuade Jing Chen to be gentler, but Jing Chen refused to listen and moved even more frequently.

She had no choice but to beg for mercy.

When it ended, Su Wan was already drenched in sweat.

Her hair was stuck to her forehead.

She remembered that Jing Chen carried her to the bathroom and heard the sound of water flowing, but it felt very distant.

In the end, she did not even know when she returned to the bed.

When Su Wan woke up the next day, it was rare to see Jing Chen still sleeping beside her and not going to work.

She thought that it was still early, so she closed her eyes again.

But Jing Chen was already awake.

Sensing the movements of the person in his arms, he pinched her nose gently and said dotingly, “Little lazy pig, its time to get up.

Yuyu and Haohao will say that you slept in later.”

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Jing Chen in shock.

“You, how did you know”

She remembered that when she woke up yesterday morning, Jing Chen was no longer at home.

“You were in a deep sleep when I woke up.

Yuyu and Haohao came to knock on the door.

They told me.” Jing Chen looked at Su Wan and smiled.

Su Wan immediately felt embarrassed.

Was it too late for her to admit it now

“Forget it, Ill get up,” Su Wan muttered.


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